The main aim of the SOUL foundation is to serve every living being on this planet selflessly and continuously without any discrimination, to save this planet and to make it a beautiful place.


SFAAI is not only a holistic initative, but an international movement to support and promote valuable yet dying ancient rural and triable arts & crafts.

This association launched a nation wide exhibitions series through Lyngum.
Induskargha is an Exclusive Brand of Soul System Research & Development in association with Soul Foundation.

Chaitanya Yog Kriya

Chaitanya is the nature of Chetna (conscious). SAT-CHITT-AANAND.

A simple yet powerful healing method that allows channeling of universal life force energy,
to heal mind, body and soul, and frees one of all diseases, psychosomatic problems.

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Women Empowerment

The foundation focuses extensively on the topic of women’s empowerment in every sense and to make them aware about their rights.

Rural Empowerment

Today in many developing nations, handicraft production is a major form of employment and in some countries constitutes a significant part of the export economy.


Soul Foundation's trainings have helped me realize the there is a leader within me. There is something special and unique within each one of us and it is up to us to recognize what we want,
work hard and leave nothing to chance.


Soul System's trainings have helped me link my vision and goals to solid reason or the "WHYs" to stay motivated which helps me generate tremendous energy to put in my best on a daily basis.

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