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Vasanas and Samskaras (Sanskrit) , the conditioned patterns buried in the subconscious mind, which keep us in a robotic, ego-automatic state, and alienate us from a state of non–dual awareness, in tune with all that is.

Non-dual Awareness is what we experience when we no longer perceive from a subject – object perspective. We begin to feel that we are not inside a body; our body is inside of us, as are all of the things we seem to experience on “the outside”.

As we drop our identification with the ego, the main subject, we cease to objectify everything and we begin to perceive what many scriptures in different traditions call ADVAIT (oneness). More precise is the term “non-duality”, because it explicitly leaves out the possibility of “DVAIT (Twoness)”.

Through the practice of Vichar, a form of direct self–inquiry that is a part of N-DAP, one can discover a way to let go of what you think you know, in order to cut through identification with this ego–automatic mind to something vaster, the spaciousness of being itself.

Advaita Vedanta

Vichar (Thought) has its roots in Advaita Vedanta (non – dual awareness), which is experienced when identification with ego is seen through. Ego, which is an imaginary conglomeration of thoughts of who we think we are, lives in fear of its own annihilation in the light of this seeing into the vastness of our own being.

Through Vichar over a several year period , I experienced a quiet inner revolution, a “quickening” which revealed the true source of contentment. Through this time I learned that there is nothing “to do”, only to remain present with the vasanas and samskaras as they arise.

Because it is scientifically proven today that we are controlled by our subconscious mind 90% of the time, it stands to reason that staying present is not an easy task. Or better stated, being present is easy, remembering to do so is not. This is because we are identified with our thoughts most of the time, which are only memories from the past being constantly regurgitated in our thoughts and speech.

Talk therapy (Psychotherapy) can only re-arrange our conditioned patterns in a more comfortable manner. It cannot deal with the real issue of our angst: a dualistic mind caught between the language of subject and object; a mind which automatically projects everything outward and then forgets that what it perceives on the “outside” actually came from within in the first place. It thus can never experience a state of oneness or more correctly, non–duality of what is.

Because the mind objectifies everything, we can never be happy or content for very long. Something always feels missing. This something is not something outside that we are lacking; it is a real presence within ourselves and is the root cause of our intense longing for what we think is something else, as long as we fail to notice it. It is what has inspired all of the various spiritual practices in the ancient traditions of the past: the need to find a way to be present with what is and enjoy the simple pleasure of the moment. So the Inventory program is here for you called NDP.

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