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Question is simple; The answer needs alertness and awareness to understand.

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Chaintanya is the nature of Chetna (conscious).

If SOUL is the life of body then Chetna is the energy of SOUL. Hence SOUL doesn’t have its nature as it is declared above all of elements, feelings, emotions and their symbols and symptoms, it is immovable from its fixed place near heart but Chetna has its channels, its walking track where it moves freely at per the person’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, present life style, past life karmas.

Chetna has drastic impact and control over every LIVING creature especially human beings. And the main cause behind human suffering is the level of CHETNA… undeniable… Lowest level of Chetna in human body is the highest level of sufferings and struggles in life.

The present human life or any person’s health-wealth-relations are reflection of its level of CHETNA (Conscious). Our great sages, Munis, Rishis so intelligent and wise and they forecasted the lowest level of CHETNA of Human beings in KALI-YUGA.

After centuries long research they found a unique and very easy way to raise the CHETNA which is being called CHAITANYA YOG KRIYA i.e. SOUL KRIYA.

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Chaitanya Yog Kriya is available to the world in its finest form today to serve and help the mankind at mass level. It is Sri Chaitanya ji who is declared the sole Introducer, Master, Teacher and Responsible to spread its highly devotional yet scientific method of yoga, named as "Chaitanya Yog Kriya" to the world.

At per his commitment to his masters CHAITANYA-YOG-KRIYA is being spread by Sri Chaitanya ji, a devout Vajrayana practitioner in the Vedic tradition, as a tool to help them calm the mind and to raise their life force energy. His main concern is to support them on their path to enlightenment and to help them maintain good health-wealth and relations which are a prerequisite for this quest.

After sharing this method with large numbers of people after a disastrous earthquake, likewise natural calamities as well wars in every corner of earth at the turn of the 21st century, it appears that the remarkable success he and his students experienced in healing others, caused Chaitanya-Yog-Kriya to spread in popularity.

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The CHAITANYA-YOG-KRIYA healing method is a way of channeling universal life force energy, of which everything is made, in order to heal. By channeling this energy, it frees you up to draw more from Source and heal mind, body and spirit. CHAITANYA-YOG-KRIYA’s utter simplicity yet powerful results are the main reasons why many people are attracted towards this form of natural healing.

CHAITANYA-YOG-KRIYA works very gently by clearing the energy channels which acts to calm the mind and raise the life force energy. Since those early days, this has been tested over and over in double blind studies. The fact is, most diseases are psychosomatic. They are caused by a disturbed mind. If you calm the mind which helps clear the energy blocks caused by stuck emotion, you then easily heal the body.

As we draw in universal life force energy i.e. Chaitanya Urja which surrounds us everywhere, we increase our own energy frequency which then causes old dense energies to be sloughed off. It also adds greatly to the efficacy of meditation or spiritual practice.

Today CHAITANYA-YOG-KRIYA may be especially important due to the recent scientifically verified shift in the earth’s frequency. For some time, the earth has maintained a consistent resonant frequency of 8.6 hertz. In 1991 the Schumann resonance shifted to 13 in the Fibonacci scale. Basically three things about the earth which can be measured are changing: the "heart beat" is increasing and both the magnetic scale and spin are decreasing. All three together indicate a heightening of consciousness.

In some schools of thought, the earth is regarded as a conscious living being in its own right. This marked increase in its frequency and the predicted one later on, may infer a need to raise our own frequency to be more in synch with the tremendous changes which are occurring. One thing is clear: the practice of Soul Kriya over time helps raise our energy quotient. The way to enter the path of Soul Kriya is through receiving Two Chiatanya-Yog-Kriya or Soul Kriya Initiations or empowerments from a properly trained/Certified Chaitanya Teacher/Master or directly Sri Chaitnaya ji.

To a certain extent, the quality of your master will determine your motivation to keep on practicing once you have received the empowerments. The details of initiations in Chaitanya Yog Kriya or Soul Kriya would be furnished in person only as its very powerful and the top secret of wholeness with ultimate joy so cannot be discussed openly. If you have belief in super conscious power take first step only to ask about your ability to get it and be witness of miracle as the soul automatically being approached by the patterns.

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