True abundance is having all we need to do our life’s work – the tools, resources, and environment, and to live a life filled with joy and aliveness. Abundance is not an extravagant, glamorous style of living maintained purely to impress others or one that does not support our true aliveness and life’s work. Part of the essence of spirituality is the belief in true abundance – of time, love, and energy. We teach others by setting an example. It may be hard, if not impossible, to help others lead abundant lives if we do not have a feeling of abundance about our own life. We do not want living at a survival level and experiencing lack.

Most war and strife come from a belief in scarcity. People who believe in scarcity often try to squeeze more and more out of nature, wasting the planet’s resources. If we want to contribute to planetary peace, we can start by believing in abundance for ourself and others. As society begins to believe that there can be abundance for everyone, new discoveries will be made that will provide unlimited energy and resources that do not pollute or deplete the earth, and there will be fewer reasons for war. There truly is the potential for abundance for everyone on the planet. If humanity believed in abundance for all, it could be created. Start by believing that it is possible for everyone to have abundance.

It is all right to have money. Some of we feel guilty about having money, especially when we look around and see others living in lack. Some people learn and grow as much by having a totally materialistic focus as others do by living in poverty. It is not more spiritual to be poor, nor is it better to be rich.

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