The main aim of the SOUL foundation is to serve every living being on this planet selflessly and continuously without any discrimination, to save this planet and to make it a beautiful place. Every human being, plant, animals and all living beings deserve to be happy and transform their life towards a better world. It seeks to empower through improving the skills, performance management, disaster management , natural resources management and providing education both normal and vocational and also focuses on spiritual development. The degree of exploitation and the challenge to future life on the planet call for nothing less than a radical shift for all concerned.

Today more than ever, for survivals sake, we need to hone our skilful means and wisdom, and let go of the contracted ways of being.

It also addresses a wide range of human rights topics that require attention in today’s time. Among the most prominent human rights issues are the ones related to Gender and children. The underlying causes of gender inequality are related to social and economic structure, which is based on informal and formal norms, and practices.

Health & Education

The foundation seeks to provide both basic and higher education to children and tackle children’s health and rehabilitation issues by providing help especially in the remote areas. Children have the right to a joyful childhood. Every child has the right to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment with protection and guidance from their guardians. Whether in the cities or in villages, at home or in schools, a child is always a child and deserves a childhood free from exploitation and abuse. Yet millions of children are being robbed of their childhoods every day through child labor, child abuse, exploitation and social crimes like human trafficking.

women’s empowerment

The foundation focuses extensively on the topic of women’s empowerment in every sense and to make them aware about their rights. It strives to reach out to each and every women in the world to make the required knowledge and tools available to them and to uplift their status as an independent being. Gender disparity manifests itself in various forms, the most obvious being the trend of continuously declining female ratio in the population in the last few decades. Social stereotyping and violence at the domestic and societal levels are some of the other manifestations. Discrimination against girl children, adolescent girls and women persists in parts especially the developing countries.

Disaster Management

Disaster management is an important topic in the foundation’s ambit since disasters both natural and un natural calamities have a major and long-lasting impact on people long after the immediate effect has been mitigated. These are activities designed to provide permanent protection from disasters. Not all disasters, particularly natural disasters, can be prevented, but the risk of loss of life and injury can be mitigated These are designed to minimize loss of life and damage.

Another emerging and often neglected topic taken up by the foundation is that of natural resources management i.e. protection, upkeep, research and maintenance of natural resources and their sources. This includes a wide gamut of things ranging from forests preservation, wild life, water resources and natural medicinal plants and herbs. Technological development cannot be done or sustained at the cost of ruining our beautiful planet and its support systems. There is extensive efforts to save and continued research on these topics to strive for living in complete and absolute harmony with nature.

The above is an overview of the major areas undertaken by the foundation to serve the world. Herein in the forthcoming pages we explore and explain in detail each of the areas on which execution is being done and the ideology and rationale behind these.

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