On one hand we need to take people out of the immense pressures the population is going through right now at every angle of life. On the other hand is to help them grow by enhancing their skill sets and the means to understand the potential.

It is only the sensible and creative use that can ensure growth and improvement of talents. In the present context, we refer to the word ‘talent’ as a perfect combination of intellectual and other creative potentials with serene sentiments and ideals of humanity.

It is the group of such talented personalities that inspires many others towards noble goals and sets progressive trends in the history of any society. We are focusing here on the origin and evolution of this kind of talent in any human being.

Each and every life on this planet is being governed by our 5 senses or the modalities and their characteristics or sub-modalities, An example is “taste” is a sense and “sweet”, “sour” etc. are the characteristics of this sense. We experience all of life in terms of these modalities and sub-modalities.

SOUL programs offer proven tools to get hold on your modalities and sub-modalities. There needs to be s slight shift in behavior and you can realize that you are omnipresent, eternal and as powerful as GOD. Anyone has the ability to create

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