There are so many ancient arts of India which are being practiced in rural and internal parts of the country. These are followed from generations within the communities and tribes, but they are not able to reach out to a lucrative market. On the other hand, these are rare and precious arts which may be dying if not passed on to more people

We Conduct live events throughout the country to showcase handmade products is the portal for online sale of products through e-commerce.
Technology can easily help to bring to front a huge market for them and help them get their true worth.



Foundation’s one of the initiatives in this direction is to promote the dying arts and crafts of India which are not receiving any proper stand from the government “Lyngum” is the brand which is helping to bring these arts to the fore front, by giving a suitable market to these products. It’s important that these artisans get a market and recognition for these products. It mostly encourages rural authentic artists and women entrepreneurs in these programs, however, not restricted to these categories

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